How To Verify Google AdSense address without PIN (Link To Use)

How To Verify Google AdSense Account Without PIN

Hello and welcome, you are probably here because you are looking for ways to verify Google AdSense address without PIN. You may have requested PIN over the past few months and you are yet to receive it.

Well I know how it feels like; slow or late mailing problems can be frustrating at times. I was once in your situation, and I am here to teach you how to verify your AdSense account without PIN.

What is AdSense PIN?

AdSense PIN is a six (6) Personal Identification Number mailed to you as an AdSense Publisher to verify your address. You qualify to receive the verification when your earnings reach the minimum threshold of $10. 

This AdSense verification pin is unique for every publisher and they is mail or send via courier to the address you provided while creating the AdSense account.

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What will happen if I did not verify my AdSense address?

Note that you have four months from the date the pin is generated to enter it into your AdSense account. If you fail to do this, Google will stop showing ads on your blog, website or YouTube.

Now, Google understands that some publishers might not receive the PIN after four months due bad postal service or address provided is not reachable. Google has provided a way around this.

How To Verify Google AdSense Account Without PIN Code?

Google has provided an alternative option for publishers who are having trouble verifying their AdSense address with the use of PIN. To use this option, you have to provide proof of identity that corresponds with the information (payee name and the address) in the AdSense account.

The ID Proof document can be any of the following:

  • Bank Statement
  • Driving License
  • Electricity Bill
  • National ID Card (NIN)

To verify AdSense address without PIN, make sure have one of the aforementioned means of identification. 

Click on here, to take you directly to the AdSense address verification page. 

Fill the form that appear on this page, it is very important that you do not make any mistakes here. 

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Here are things you should get ready before proceeding to the page. 

1. Your name as it appears on the Google AdSense account and the document you want to use as means of identification. 

2. The email address used to connected with the AdSense account. 

3. Your AdSense publisher ID 

4. Valid Government issued ID card (it could be Voters Card, National ID Card or Bank statement of account showing your name). 

Note: Make sure the document you plan to use must be very clear to read. It must show your name, address and date of birth. 

After you fill and submitted the form. You will be contacted via email. It doesn't take more than 24 hours to verify your AdSense address if all the information you provided is correct. 

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