8 Ways To Increase Website Traffic Without SEO (9 Strategies To Use)

How To Increase Website Traffic Without SEO (9 Strategies To Use)

Can I increase my website traffic without doing SEO? Of course, it is possible. The best way to increase website traffic is by doing search engine optimization (SEO) but you have to deal with the regular Google algorithm updates. 

Besides, search engine optimization takes time before you start seeing results for the SEO you did. So, you risk losing potential customers and website traffic if you relying solely on SEO. 

If you have a diversifying traffic sources for your website or blog then you don't have to worry about ever changing Google algorithm updates affecting your website engagement metrics. Even though, SEO traffic has more quality than any traffic gain from other websites and users that visit your website from SEO are likely to perform a meaningful activity on your website than other traffic sources. 

Marketers do not focus only getting website traffic from search engine optimization. For a new website, it takes time to get organic traffic by doing SEO. This is why it is recommended to learn how to increase website traffic without SEO. 

These other traffic sources will make you reach new customers or website visitors until you start receiving the organic traffic from search engines. Apart from brand exposure and conversions, learning how to increase your website traffic without SEO will increase your social media presence and link building which plays a major part in your search engine optimization process. 

Importance of Bringing Traffic to Website

It's no doubt that getting more traffic is the pulse of the success of the website. The objective of getting more traffic or readers to your website is not only conversions but to gain more online recognition for your business or brand. 

Having a good number of website, helps build relationships with your customers, generates revenue, link building, adding new product lines and conversions.

Ways To Get Website Traffic Without SEO 

It's best to have another channel to get website traffic and to attract website audiences. You may be working on increasing your website traffic by search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to increase website traffic, but it is also important to know how to get more traffic to your website without SEO in case search engines penalize your website.

Write Fresh And Informative Contents 

They are not lying when they say content is king. It plays a major role in the success of a website. Content is the best way to increase website traffic without SEO. 

Write articles on and around what your readers interested in. Do your keywords research, titles and contents in making your audience come back for more. 

Drive Website Traffic with Social Media

Consider promoting your business, this way you can drive massive traffic to your website. You can post variety of content relating to your business like photos, videos and polls to attract more visitors to your website. 

Try every social media platforms at your disposal to discover where you get maximum engagement and also to know what exactly your ideal audiences are interested in. 

For example, a fashion, entertainment or e-commerce website is likely to get more traffic from Facebook and Instagram.

Apart from getting website traffic from social media, having a social media pages for your business helps you create brand identity and awareness. 

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising or paid traffic is another to drive massive traffic to your website without SEO. While driving traffic to your website from social media requires a lot of time and effort. 

If you can't go through the hard work of social media marketing, you can easily get quality traffic to your website with Facebook ads for as low as $10 for a start. Apart from that, there are hundreds of relatively low-cost effective advertising agencies you can use to drive massive traffic to your website without SEO. 

Using paid advertising gives you the advantage of reaching your target audience, location and age range. 

Here is a list of the top advertising agencies to you can consider for paid traffic

1. Google Ads

2. Facebook Ads

3. LinkedIn Ads

4. Twitter Ads

5. OutBrain.

6. RevContent.

7. Bidvertiser.

8. Quora Ads.

9. Reddit Advertising.

10. Taboola

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging or guest posting is another effective way to get more website traffic without SEO when you do it right. 

Guest blogging is more than just building backlinks, it you do it right, you can use it to get more traffic to your website. 

Target popular websites in your niche that has a lot of traffic and direct that existing audience to your own site. 

Comment on relevant websites

This is another strategy to bring more traffic to your website without SEO. Make relevant comments on websites related to your niche and make sure you drop a link to your website so anyone who sees the comment might be interested in what you wrote. 

Answer Questions On Forums And Q&A Sites

This is another effective way to increase website traffic without SEO. Join forums and answer questions relevant to your website. This helps you gain more visibility for your website and an authority in your niche. While doing this, you also build backlinks for your website. 

Email Marketing

Ideally, prompting your readers for email addresses when they visit your website is another way to increase website traffic without SEO. 

You can achieve by offering them something they are likely to find useful and valuable. This way, you build your list. You an send them newsletters when you have new offers on your website to let them know there is a new content for them. 

Wrapping up 

In this article, I have always mentioned why relying only on SEO is not a good idea and why you should have another way to increase website traffic without SEO. 

The strategies discussed above will help you increase your website traffic and also help you to retain your customers. 

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