AHREFS Creates New Search Engine Called 'Yep'

AHREFS creates new search engine called 'Yep'

It was first reported by Search Engine Journal back in March 2019 that Ahrefs are working on search engine. 

AIN Capital also confirmed that they had invested $40 million into the project. 

The wait is finally over after TechCrunch announced that the project have been created with over $60 million invested into the new search, which is called Yep.

You can read more Yep: A Search Engine For Creators

Yep’s About Page describes in more detail its origins and purpose, including the SEO industry shortcomings that they hope to correct:

“We built Yep from the ground up so that we can give 90% of ad revenue to content creators. 

We’ve all gotten used to a search model that’s arguably unfair. A model where paywalls and affiliate links have insidiously become part of the search experience.

Yep is our answer to this.

Our mission is to go back to the basics: supporting good content.

We offer an unbiased, private search experience that rewards and compensates the makers behind the content. To do this, we use a 90/10 profit share business model where we pay 90% of advertising profits directly to these makers.

Simply put, when you use Yep, you’re directly putting money in the pockets of your favorite content creators.”

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