Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives To Consider In 2022

Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives In 2022

Are you looking for Google Adsense alternatives? You have applied for Google Adsense several times and your application keeps getting rejected? 

As a blogger, Google Adsense isn't the only way to make money from blogging. Maybe you don't that yet. 

In this article, I am going to talk about Google Adsense alternatives that pays well and are easy to join. 

There are several Google Adsense alternatives that pays well and some may quickly approved and you start earning immediately, as you await AdSense.

While some of the Google Adsense alternatives are not encouraging, let's take a look at most promising ones. 

1. is owned by Yahoo and it is Google Adsense biggest competitor. Their ad units will work well with your site design either in mobile, tablet or PC. 

2. Propeller Ads

Propeller is UK based advertising company. It's pays for every 1000 impressions, this is similar to the AdSense RMP.

You don't need to wait for approval before you start earning on Propeller Ads, all you have to do is register and verify your site and you are good to go.

Most of the propeller advertisers are from US, UK, and Canada, so consider propeller if you have good traffic from those regions.

They pay via PayPal, Payoneer Wire Transfer and Bitcoin. 

3. Adsterea

Just like Adsense, Adsterra displays banners, text and sliders on publishers targeted pages.

Adsterra also offers high CPM rate and it pays publishers through PayPal, Webmoney, Wire Transfer and Bitcoin. 

4. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser offers pay-per-click advertising. Their system is a little bit different from AdSense.

Unlike AdSense, Bidvertiser creates a bidding system where only the highest bidder will be allowed to advertise on your website.

They offer all kinds of ads in AdSense (text ads, mobile ads, banner ads, slider ads, skyscraper ads, etc.). Their payment method is via PayPal or Payza.

5. Adversal

Adversal equals AdSense in serving ads. With lesser considerations, they approve sites as fast as possible, but you must have a minimum of 50,000-page views per month.

Publishers of Adversal can withdraw as low as $20 via PayPal, Cheque, or Bank Wire. 

6. Infolinks

Infolinks is a text advertising platform. They are unique in their way as they show pop-up ads or text ads.

It can easily be combined with AdSense if you have both accounts on the same site. They pay their publishers via Bank Wire, Cheque or PayPal.

7. Chitika

With Chitika, you don’t need approval, create an account, generate code, and place the code on your site, and you are good to go.

No matter how low your site traffic is – you have no problem. Though the information I got from Chitika users is that its pay-per-click rate is poor compared to AdSense.

But since the application is automatic, a new blogger can start here. Chitika pays its publishers in a choice of Cheque or Paypal.

8. Ezoic 

Ezoic is a Google award-winning AI platform designed to help you grow your site’s passive income and optimize its UX. The platform works best by combining it with Google AdSense or ADx, as a secondary platform.

9. BuySellAds

BuySellAds is also unique in its way. It links publishers to advertisers. Like every other, BuySellAds acts as a middleman and pays for direct advertisement, and charges you 25% of the transaction.

Though tougher than AdSense to get approval, your site must have very high traffic before BuySellAds approve it.

10. Taboola Native Advertising 

Taboola Native advertising is geared towards larger enterprise sites with a huge following and traffic volume. What makes the platform stand out among other ad programs is its customization freedom.

Other Google Adsense Alternatives to consider:

Revenue Hits
Carbon Ads
Revcontent Native Advertising
Pop Ads
Sovrn //Commerce (Formerly VigLink)


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