5 Tips And Tricks On How To Charge Your Phone Faster

Ways to Make Your Phone Charge Faster

In this article, I’m going to teach you 3 methods to make your phone charge faster.

Mobile phone remains to be the most devices in the world. This is due to the multiple features and allowing you to perform multi-task at a go.

With your smartphones, you can make calls; access the internet, send text messages, play video games and play music as well as many other features. 

With all these features, they tend to consume battery and the next thing is to charge the phone to use it again.

But the problem is most smartphones takes time to get fully charged, and yeah, not everyone has the patience to wait for it to get fully charged before using their phone. But in this article, you will some ways to make your phone to charge faster.

Ways to Make Your Phone Charge Faster

1. Use compatible charger

There are different types of chargers, the originality of the charger does not mean it is compatible with your phone. 

Use the charger that comes with your phone box when you bought it. And if it got spoiled and you need to replace it, check your phone manual to know yours.

Note that if you are a charger not compatible with your phone, it will take much time to charge phone – your phone may get hot, and as well it reduces the phone battery life span.

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2. Enable airplane mode 

While your phone mobile network is on or mobile data is active, your phone will charge much slower. This is because your phone is communicating with several networks, which normally consume battery. 

Activating airplane or flight mode will help your phone charge two times faster than usual. 

3. Plug it into the wall

Charging your phone with your laptop or game console, it makes your phone charge slower. Charging it directly from the wall with your charger make it charge faster. 

4. Don't use it

Using your phone it is on charge makes it slower – your phone may get hot, and as well it reduces the phone battery life span. 

5. Turn it off

Switching off your phone makes it charger. This is because it is 100% idle. This way, your phone charge 3 times faster  – even more than when you activate flight mode.

It also keeps you away from operating your phone during charging, thereby charging it faster.

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